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Making a difference where you are

Christian Social action

In the U.K. today social action inspired by the desire to act justly and to love mercy is not only a vital part of society but also an aspect of local community life under immense pressure. This up to date book is both a manifesto and a practical handbook for Christian social action for people who believe that they are called, with others in their community, to serve the poor and to advance the cause of justice as part of their mission. It’s for church leaders, trustees and anyone seeking to understand local needs and make a significant and sustainable difference where they are.

Overview: Work
Image by Annie Spratt

In "Christian Social Action: Making a difference where you are" you'll find research based descriptions of today’s growing U.K. needs in household debt, food, child and housing poverty plus inspiring historical and up-to-date examples of Christian action. 

The result is a handbook to inform the decision making of Christian activists that will become a key source when building stakeholder support and bidding for income.

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