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"Christian social action: making a difference where you are"

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The purpose of this book is to inform and inspire Christians who believe that they are called, with others in their community, to serve the poor and to advance the cause of justice as part of their mission. It is for trustees, directors or other leaders responsible for small scale projects or programmes who now have the opportunity to expand the work they are doing - but are unsure how to sharpen their expression of purpose and convince others of the need for, and value of, their work and attract more resources.

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Christian social action: Making a difference where you are

A Manifesto & Practical Handbook For Activists

“Christian Social Action: Making a difference where you are” builds on the work of the Jubilee+ pioneers Martin Charlesworth and Natalie Williams in their highly recommended books on related themes: 'The Myth of the Undeserving Poor', 'A Church for the Poor' and 'A Call to Act'.

"Christian Social Action: Making a difference where you are" is packed full of relevant research and practical guidance on identifying local needs, building a committed team, deciding how and where to do the good that’s so desperately needed, measuring and reporting results, growing resources and communicating with partners and stakeholders to build support. Research based descriptions of today’s growing need in household debt, food, child and housing poverty are paired with inspiring historical and up-to-date examples of Christian action.

The Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP

Chair, All Party Parliamentary Group on Faith and Society says:

"As hopeful as it is sobering, John Evans’ infectious vision, set out in his guide to outreach in the context of Christian fellowship, provides a stirring call to action. Here is a practical approach, post-pandemic, to help churches tackle the injustice around them.  It draws on inspiration from history, but is clear-sighted about the emerging realities of poverty in Britain today, and the barriers faith groups face in addressing them. And it lays out clear steps for trustees and leaders to establish their vision, agree on a plan and convince others of the value of their work."


The latest data shows a big rise in destitution with more than a million households (containing 2.4 million people, including 550,000 children) experiencing destitution in 2019, a rise of 35% since 2017, with modelling suggesting further increases during the pandemic.

In the U.K. today social action inspired by the desire to act justly and to love mercy is not only a vital part of society but also an aspect of local community life under immense pressure.

This up to date book is both a manifesto and a practical handbook for Christian social action for people who believe that they are called, with others in their community, to serve the poor and to advance the cause of justice as part of their mission. It’s for church leaders, trustees and anyone seeking to understand local needs and make a significant and sustainable difference where they are.


Praise for "Christian Social Action"

“John Evans has written a timely and well researched book. It addresses the sense of urgency that many of us share concerning the alarming rise of social need in our country and the importance of the church and other social activists adopting bold and strategic responses to the needs around us. I commend the book to you.”  

Martin Charlesworth, author, speaker and founding CEO of Jubilee+

"Having witnessed community transformation in several of the world’s poorest countries through the work of Tearfund, it’s clear that churches in the U.K. increasingly need to work with local communities to identify and respond to social needs together. Community outreach can be a powerful tool in evangelism. The question is: “where do you start?” 


John Evans provides a wonderfully well-researched and up-to-date perspective on key social problems affecting families in the UK - loneliness and mental health, food poverty, unemployment and household debt. He takes the reader through a step-by-step approach to creating a social action team within their church to identify and address local needs, develop an action plan, secure funding, and monitor and communicate the impact. 


Every church leader should buy a copy of this book and consider how their church might better involve itself with the community it serves."

Dr Gordon Wilkinson has been a member of St. John’s Felbridge for over 35 years and, with his wife Brenda, has travelled to many Tearfund church-based community development and disaster relief projects overseas.

Volunteers at Food Bank


"What a thoroughly researched piece of writing! We were very impressed by the depth and breadth of the reading that has inspired and underpinned this book.   As people that are already convinced of the important  place of social action within the local church, we welcome this book as a provocation to get up and make a difference in our local communities."

Dave and Ann Rowsell live in West Molesey, in Surrey, and have been in church leadership for nearly 30 years, whilst also working at their secular jobs. Their professional roles have seen them working with disadvantaged young people and adults across the UK whilst their church engagement has been an impetus to get involved at a local level.

"What a helpful book this is for people in many different charitable roles wanting to make a difference in their community.  John helpfully gives us the tools to evaluate the start up or expansion of social action projects.  He helps us look at the impact of poverty and why it is worthwhile making a difference.  There is a guide on how to find help with funding, and some examples of some recent projects to inspire you.  I thoroughly recommend anyone contemplating starting a social action project to start with this book before you begin."

David Maskell is an elder at Grace Church Salisbury & Amesbury, with 20 years’ experience of church leadership where he has been involved in starting and running many social action projects.

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Introducing the writer

John Evans

John has been a Director of Jubilee+ since July 2018. The Jubilee+ vision is to see the Church in the U.K. be a champion of the poor and a means of creating healthy communities across the nation.

Previously John was Global Practice Leader for Talent Management at World Vision International where he pioneered the charities’ global leader orientation, talent and succession management and education processes, leadership assessment, coaching and career development services during a period of continuous change. 

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